Are you dreaming of making a movie or a film someday? Probably if you are a film student, you would have to make a film. You need to form a film production to produce the movie of your own. But have you already wondered when does the filmmaking started, its history? It would be a great adventure to know the history of the film. Since the technology today is different from before, you might be wondering how the films were produced the first time it was created. Today, phones can be used to make videos. Count the digital cameras in, and other different applications that can be used for making videos or film.

Brief history of the film

The history of making a film started on the 1890s. This is when the motion picture cameras have been invented and the film production companies had started to establish slowly. Due to the limitation in the technology, the films that were created in the 1890s were below 1 minute long until the 1927 motion pictures of the film were produced with no sounds. The very first decade of the motion picture was a film moving from novelty to the traditional entertainment industry.


The films became a few minutes long, composing of numerous shots. The 1st film studios were created in 1897, and the 1st rotating camera for doing the panning shots was made in 1898. The special effects began, the film continuity, the moving of the sequence from one to another, all of them started to be used. The very first use of the animation in the movies began in 1899. It was the 1906 Australian production that produced the first featured length of a multi-reel film.

By then the start of developing the film creation has continued. In the year 1910, there are credits received by the actors of the roles they portrayed in the film. The regular newsreels that have been exhibited from 1910 became the popular way to find out the news about the films. The American films had its biggest share of this market in Europe and Australia except for France.

Aside from those mentioned first special effects that have been created, other techniques were introduced. The artificial lighting, low-key lighting, fire effects, and storytelling made simplified were the additional techniques that have been introduced to make a more developed film. Through this, the audience easily understands what is going on in a film.

That is just only the brief history of the film. There are still many things that you can learn about it, but definitely, it would not fit here. Now there are huge effects being used to make the film more effective and real to the viewers. Everything is being done with great sense. I am truly amazed in each film that I see especially those fantasy films. I admire filmmakers on how they did it and how it is possibly being done and make an hour or two-hour film. They are truly gifted ones and creative for doing that.