Top Three Significant Things

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It was amazing to see successful films that are being admired by many viewers. This means that it is important that every film has their genre; they make their audiences feel that they are the reasons why films were made. But is it hard to make a film? What does it take to make a film which is going to be successful and will leave a mark on every viewer’s heart?

Below are the three most significant things that are needed in filmmaking:

  1. Actors

Actors are one of the most significant parts of a successful film. They play an important role in film production since they are the one interpreting the film. The way they deliver the script and some other actions that need to be done is very important for their role in the film. They are one of the key factors of making a successful film aside from the film effects and others.

  1. Script

Making the script is not that easy but when it is done in the right way and effective way, the audience will be able to understand the whole movie or film. That is the reason why making a script is a key to a successful film as well. Aside from the admirable actors that will deliver the script, the script itself should be well-written, feasible, doable, and it really can be filmed. When writing a script, make sure that it will fit the budget as well. That is correct! Since the script should be doable, it means that it will fit the budget, making it easier for you to shoot the film.

  1. Location

The location can be hard to find, but choosing only a few will be easier for you. It is easier to shoot a film when you only have a few locations that you will use. Always remember that when shooting a film in a certain location you will take with you the crews, actors, assistants and other people who are involved in the film. Aside from the location, you need also to consider the materials will be used on the location. They are the most important part of the film to make sure that it will follow what is on the script and the scenes that need to be shot.

holidays-970731_960_720There are so many things that need to be considered aside from those three significant things. The directors, producers, props, lights men, all of them are important. Filmmaking is not that easy but through the help of each crew, actors, and all the staffs that are part of the film production, nothing is that hard and impossible. Every concept would be possible, especially if the budget permits. The film can be possible if the producer would be able to create the budget that is possible for the film.

So if you are dreaming of making a film, I guess you need to take note of those three important things. It seems that it will be part of your film, but it will be just a reminder for you.

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When Does the Film Making Start?

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Are you dreaming of making a movie or a film someday? Probably if you are a film student, you would have to make a film. You need to form a film production to produce the movie of your own. But have you already wondered when does the filmmaking started, its history? It would be a great adventure to know the history of the film. Since the technology today is different from before, you might be wondering how the films were produced the first time it was created. Today, phones can be used to make videos. Count the digital cameras in, and other different applications that can be used for making videos or film.

Brief history of the film

The history of making a film started on the 1890s. This is when the motion picture cameras have been invented and the film production companies had started to establish slowly. Due to the limitation in the technology, the films that were created in the 1890s were below 1 minute long until the 1927 motion pictures of the film were produced with no sounds. The very first decade of the motion picture was a film moving from novelty to the traditional entertainment industry.


The films became a few minutes long, composing of numerous shots. The 1st film studios were created in 1897, and the 1st rotating camera for doing the panning shots was made in 1898. The special effects began, the film continuity, the moving of the sequence from one to another, all of them started to be used. The very first use of the animation in the movies began in 1899. It was the 1906 Australian production that produced the first featured length of a multi-reel film.

By then the start of developing the film creation has continued. In the year 1910, there are credits received by the actors of the roles they portrayed in the film. The regular newsreels that have been exhibited from 1910 became the popular way to find out the news about the films. The American films had its biggest share of this market in Europe and Australia except for France.

Aside from those mentioned first special effects that have been created, other techniques were introduced. The artificial lighting, low-key lighting, fire effects, and storytelling made simplified were the additional techniques that have been introduced to make a more developed film. Through this, the audience easily understands what is going on in a film.

That is just only the brief history of the film. There are still many things that you can learn about it, but definitely, it would not fit here. Now there are huge effects being used to make the film more effective and real to the viewers. Everything is being done with great sense. I am truly amazed in each film that I see especially those fantasy films. I admire filmmakers on how they did it and how it is possibly being done and make an hour or two-hour film. They are truly gifted ones and creative for doing that.

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Story: The Most Important Part of a Film Production

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It is romance and suspense kinds of movies that I love to watch. The plot, the settings and the main characters of the movies are the best reasons why I love to watch those kinds of movies. But there are some people who prefer a movie that from the trailer itself will tell how exciting it is to watch it. How is it really to make a successful movie? And how is it going to attract primary audiences? There are ways to do it, however, to a person who doesn’t exactly know how to do a film production you will have no idea how to make a successful film or movie.

For me as a simple person who wants to criticize or review a movie, the main thing that I’m going to see is the story of the film. As I mentioned earlier, romance and suspense films are the kinds of films that I love to watch. But it doesn’t mean that I just only watch a movie if it is romance or suspense. I also watch action, horror, cartoons, fantasy, sci-fi and many others, basically because of the story. The story is the main reason why people would love to see the movie. And the key to getting the attention of the movie audience to watch those interesting movies are the movie trailers.


Filmmakers, who would be producing films, should make sure that the story has a lot of sense and has fast paced scenes. Movie audiences most appreciate movies that have fast paced scenes and they can learn clearly what does the movie would like to tell them. A movie that has already a clue onset of the film would make the audience think already and watch the story carefully. Once there is a scene that you can hook a movie fan in with, you can make sure that they will watch out every part of the movie and will not sleep on their seat.

Being a film or movie lover, there are times that we don’t notice the character if they are effective or not when we see the trailer or posters. But don’t judge them while the movie is not yet out. You definitely would not expect that they can be the best that you will see in the movie. It means that the characters have roles in the film that you need to watch. You must give them a chance on what they can do in the film.

It is exactly the story of the film matters. The next best things to consider are the location, the quality of the film and how the movie will end. It is, in fact, all the parts of the film are important. In shooting a film, the quality should always be there, not only to the story but also the other scenes or shots that can be the most favorite of your movie audience. So make sure that every scene counts. Make sure that you can get full thumbs up!

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